DUAL Language

Dual Language Spanish Immersion


Two-way Dual Language at Tucson Unified School District. Pathway for two-way dual language programs (TWDL). TWDL Elementary School - six years. Kinder: 90/10. 1st Grade: 90/10. 2nd Grade: 80/20. 3rd Grade: 70/30. 4th Grade: 60/40. 5th Grade: 50/50. Content areas designated in one language or another. Certificate of Biliteracy. TWDL Middle School - three years. Two corses in Spanish minimum. Spanish Language Arts. Core content classes in Spanish. Award of Biliteracy. TWDL High School - four years. Completion of Advanced Placement Courses. Possiblity of Spanish for Special Purposes. Third Language. Concurrent University Credit.The Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) TWDL Program is a program of choice that serves both English and Spanish learners. This program is open to students of different backgrounds and abilities from the TUSD school community and provides the unique opportunity of learning in two languages. Students acquire the skills to read, write, speak, listen and think in two languages.  Families adhere to the same enrollment process as all students in the community. Families select their program once they have attended a community meeting or a TWDL site visit where they have received information that explains the program long term K-12 pathway and a coherent explanation of the elements of the Two-Way Dual Language (TWDL) program design.

We have our TWDL Program available at all grade levels now!  More information!