What does the red lettering mean?
Red * indicates a distinguished Teacher of the Year award recipient.
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Kindergarten & Kindergarten Spanish Immersion
Srta. Chavez (Spanish Immersion)
Contact Srta. Chavez by email | Meet Breana Chavez | View Supply Wish List    
Sra. Pursley (Spanish Immersion)
Contact Sra Pursley by email | Meet Martha Pursley |  View Supply Wish List  
* Previous Bloom Elementary Teacher of the Year award recipient
Ms. Rebecca Vieira
Contact Ms. Vieira by email | Meet Rebecca Vieira |  View Supply Wish List  
Ms. Wolgemuth
Contact Ms. Wolgemuth by email | Meet Debbie Wolgemuth |  View Supply Wish List   
1st Grade & 1st Grade Spanish Immersion
Sra. Castro (Spanish Immersion)
Contact Sra. Castro by email  | Meet Adria Avila Castro | View Supply Wish List
Sra. MacArthur (Spanish Immersion)
Contact Sra. MacArthur by email | Meet Maria MacArthur |  View Supply Wish List
Mrs. Stewart
Contact Mrs. Stewart by email | Meet Yvonne Stewart |  View Supply Wish List 
Mrs. Rustici
Contact Mrs. Rustici by email | Meet Kristina Rustici  |  View Supply Wish List  | Classroom Website
* Previous Bloom Elementary Teacher of the Year award recipient
2nd Grade & 2nd Grade Spanish Immersion
Sra. Enriquez (Spanish Immersion)
Contact Sra. Enriquez by email | Meet Laura Enriquez  |  View Supply Wish List  
Sra. Hart (Spanish Immersion)
Contact Sra. Hart by email | Meet Nancy Hart | View Supply Wish List
Ms. Gladner
Contact Ms. Gladner by email  | Meet Natanya Gladner |  View Supply Wish List  
Ms. Bollinger   
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3rd Grade & 3rd Grade Spanish Immersion
Srta. Delgado
Contact Srta. Delgado by email | Meet Anisa Delgado | View Supply Wish List
Ms. Kwon
Contact Ms. Kwon by email  |  Meet Mijeong Kwon  |  View Supply Wish List
Ms. Williamson
Contact Ms. Williamson by email  | Meet Kaitlyn Williamson |  View Supply Wish List  
4th Grade & 4th Grade Spanish Immersion
Sra. Haney (Spanish Immersion)
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Mr. Hubble
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Ms. Alarcon
Contact Ms. Alarcon by email | Meet Charly ALarcon | View Supply Wish List 
5th Grade & 5th Grade Spanish Immersion
5th Grade Spanish Immersion
Sra. Cynthia Beaird

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Ms. Nation
Contact Ms. Nation by email | Meet Stephanie Nation | View Supply List
Mrs. Marquez
Contact Mrs. Marquez by email | Meet Karen Marquez | View Supply List
CCP (Cross Categorical Primary)
CCI (Cross Categorical Intermediate)
G.A.T.E. (Gifted and Talented Education)
Ms. Melissa Root
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CSP (Curriculum Service Provider)
Mrs. Katherine McDonald
* Previous Bloom Elementary Teacher of the Year award recipient
Contact Mrs. McDonald by e-mail
MTSS Facilitator
Mrs. Gopa Goswami
Contact Mrs. Goswami by email
Dr. Luanna Bozzolo
Contact Dr. Bozzolo by email

Ms. Rucker
Contact Ms. Rucker by email
* Previous Bloom Elementary Teacher of the Year award recipient
Mrs. Boge
Contact Mrs. Boge by email
SLP (Speech Language Pathology)
Mrs. Sharon Harkins
Contact Mrs. Harkins by email

ELD (English Language Development)
Instructional Specialists-Bilingual, Reading, Math & Reading Recovery Teacher
Sr. Antonio Flores, Bilingual Interventionist
Contact Sr. Flores by email
Mrs. Stephanie Greene-Hunley, Reading Interventionist
Contact Mrs. Hunley by email
Mrs. Ada Mortensen, Reading Recovery
Contact Ms. Mortensen by email
OMA (Opening the Mind through Arts)
OMA AIS (Arts Integration Specialist)
Mrs. Lauren Danloe
Contact Mrs. Danloe by email
Ms. Hailee Keyfes
Contact Ms. Keyfes  by email
Band & Orchestra
Mr. Clifton Westin
Contact Mr. Westin by email
Mrs. Emily Evans
Contact Mrs. Evans by email
Occupational Therapist (OT) & Physical Therapist (PT)
Ms. Lynn Urban, OT
Contact Ms. Urban by email
Mrs. Allison Schubach, PT
Contact Mrs.Shubach by email
Adaptive P.E.
Ex Ed PE
Mrs. Sarah Emory
Contact Mrs. Emory by email